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February 7, 2011

Interview with Benjamin Friess

Benjamin is a digital artist based in Southern France. In his search for inspiration, Benjamin does not need to go far to find it, as he draws his inspiration from nature, animals, robotics and of course his wife.

Having stumbled across Benjamin’s work online, we were instantly impressed with the astute characteristics in his work. As soon as you begin to assess the level of detail in each of his digital canvases you begin to appreciate the man hours and level of perfectionism that is crafted into each piece. The piece of work that instantly caught our eye was Wild 1 – The Wolf. The image consists of a snowy white wolf encompassed in a bio mechanical and naturalistic scenery and is a very well blended bit of work.

The fact that Benjamin used nothing but the brush tool in Photoshop and used no textures what so ever is also another reason why we adore this design. In fact Benjamin confesses that it took a year to complete this piece, but if you are a lover of high detail digital art you will appreciate why it did take so long to finalise. Knowing this fact proves that Benjamin has a high regard for all of his work, making sure the final outcome is of the highest quality.

I’m inspired by fantasy books and illustrators such as Vincente Segrelles as well as many other artists on the web. I am particularly inspired by nature, animals, plants, robots and my wife.

Benjamin first began his love for digital art after deciding to offer his wife a painting in their first year of marriage. It is quite obvious that Benjamin has a real keen eye for art, but he confesses to have only worked on digital artwork for websites before trying his hand at digital painting.

In the first year of my marriage I decided to create a painting for my wife. At first I considered producing an oil painting but wanted to keep it a secret so she could only see the finalised version. This is where my digital artwork began and I created a design called “Emerveillement”. I had the design printed onto Canvas and presented it to my wife as a present.

As well as Ben using the brush tool for 95% of his work, another surprising fact that we learnt whilst speaking with him was that he still uses Photoshop 5.5. Photoshop CS5 has made a digital artists life so much easier and graphic tablets seem to run in conjunction with the software in perfect harmony. The fact that Ben is using such an old version of Photoshop but still producing artwork of this magnitude is also very impressive.

It is no wonder that “Emerveillement” is Benjamin’s favourite piece of work. Obviously it being his first digital masterpiece and of course it being a present to his wife, but this was the work that gave him popularity on the internet and began his love for creating digital design.

Since his first digital painting Benjamin has gone on to create several designs all of which contain a unique style. You notice that his art contains an element of surrealism derived from his love for fantasy art work. With subtle colours and warm capturing contrasts, his work instantly grabs your attention and welcomes your eyes to admire the detail.

Ben tends to share his work on Deviant Art, a website for the digital community, allowing designers to comment and share design work but also generate great exposure.

In 2001, I won a public prize for the first young artist competition organised by Kiwanis, Lions Rotary Club in Aubenas, a town in the south of France. However the greatest accolades are the two Daily Deviation awards that I won on Deviant Art.

Having won the award on Deviant Art, Benjamin knows that his work is being recognised and appreciated globally, and must take huge satisfaction that his work does and will continue to inspire up and coming designers.

Once Ben had explained to us what his inspirations were, we began to notice these in each of his designs. Whether that be the use of plants, nature, beauty, bio-mechanics, wild life and animals. You start to see a mixture of his inspirations all rolled into one, as seen in the design “Symbiosis”.

Notice how he has used the use of beauty and nature. But look even closer and you see that the woman has a mechanical structure, with skin panels over the arm and face. Ben has taken his inspiration and turned it into his own style/art form which will become recognisable in his future work. We certainly took a great shine to Ben’s work and would find it easy to identify his style of digital design.

I just want to say that I love Beauty. The technical aspect is less important than the Beauty.

Frozen Beauty

Benjamin Friess on the Web

You can find more work of Benjamin on his website.

Huge thanks to Benjamin Friess for sharing his work.

  • Some really inspirational work by Benjamin Friess. Comments are welcome regarding his style of digital art.


    9:56 am

  • Wow. I really like this guys work. I cant believe the majority of his work is digitally drawn and hardly any use of third party textures. Really high end stuff

    David Snell

    4:04 pm

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